Explore the content that will be offered on demand. All sessions will be recorded and available for a year after the conference day.

On- Demand Session Speakers

On-Demand Sessions

Naira Hovakimyan

SWE Awardee - Naira Hovakimyan

Amanda Mohan

President -SWE-Detroit 2021 Technical Leader@ZF

Julie Bellamy

Founder, Sequelle HR Suite - Julie Bellamy

Yul Allen

NSBE Awardee - Yul Allen

Amy Rossi

Founder M&B Rossi Consulting LLC - Amy Rossi

Justin McKnight

Leadership Coach @Steady Growth Vice President @ Pacific Engineering Corporation - Justin McKnight

Mary Parker

Coach - Mary Parker

Beki Fraser

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - Beki Fraser


NSBE Awardee-Whitney Gaskins


SWE Awardee - Nandika D'Souza

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